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The purpose of the committee is to establish a working network of local area and county focal points from which residents can obtain information relative to disaster planning and disaster related events that occur in the surrounding community. In addition, the committee is responsible to create a comprehensive disaster plan document that will include critical information that can be used by area residents to help prepare and respond to emergencies that affect the Agua Dulce community. This document shall be reviewed annually to determine the need for any revisions.

The committee may call meetings to facilitate disaster preparedness training activities for the community and organize community events to enhance public awareness. The committee will inform the Agua Dulce Town Council in advance of planned community activities. Committee members shall determine the types of officers required for the Committee's purpose. Committee officers shall be elected by the committee members for a term of one year. Election of officers shall take place during the first regular committee meeting in January or if a committee office is vacant. The committee treasury shall follow the same requirements in the Bylaws as the Agua Dulce Town Council treasurer's duties, submit monthly reports to the Council, and prepare an annual financial report by December 31. The committee shall be financially self-sufficient and shall adhere to financial obligations contained in the Articles of Incorporation of the Agua Dulce Town Council.


Gary Hebdon, Chairman, Agua Dulce Disaster Planning
Dep. Scott Short, Treasurer, Agua Dulce Disaster Planning
Darlene Hebdon, Secretary, Agua Dulce Disaster Planning